TERMS & CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT (effective 1 March 2024)

A contract is formed when a truck we arrange collects the goods booked by you on our website. The parties to the contract are FHO Limited (“Freighthub”) as the contracting carrier, and the legal name you used when signing up for your account with Freighthub as the freight payer.

Payment terms are weekly invoicing with payment due the following Wednesday. A 2% monthly late fee may be charged on overdue balances. Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by the carrier in recovering any outstanding monies including debt collection agency fees or solicitor’s costs shall be paid by the freight payer.

Not all freight can be shipped  with our carriers. If we cannot ship the freight we will try to contact you as soon as possible to let you know.

Delivery times are estimates  and while we do our best to deliver on time we do not guarantee the delivery date and can accept no liability for any delays.

Freight loss or damage is something everyone wants to avoid! However, accidents do happen, and when they do, our attitude is that there are no winners, and the best we can do is resolve the claim as quickly and fairly as possible.

Freight senders have a significant responsibility to package goods to avoid damage when “road freighted in the normal manner” (please note that “road-freighted in the normal manner” involves the loading of goods onto and off trucks, and other freight often being pushed alongside or placed underneath or on top of the goods. Goods are subject to physical forces when travelling on trucks for long distances and on uneven and winding roads. The greater the distance and the more fragile the goods are, the greater are the packaging requirements to protect those goods).

Freighthub has strict requirements for claims for loss or damage. Damage or missing items must be noted on the proof of delivery when the goods are delivered, and also notified to Freighthub within 24 hours of delivery. Freight payers must use our easy online claims process and upload the further information requested so that we can quickly assess the claim.

Freighthub advises customers to choose insurance policies that cover goods for damage in transit (many materials damage policies include this). Having insurance is important because the maximum liability Freighthub will accept for any loss or damage is $1,000 (+GST) per booking. Please also note that Freighthub can accept no liability for damage to fragile goods including all machinery and all glass, porcelain and aluminium products.

Additional costs may be incurred for non-standard deliveries. For example, hand unloads, hi-ab deliveries, rural deliveries, restricted sites that need small or tail-lift trucks, closed or unattended premises that cause unsuccessful delivery attempts. We will try to notify you of extra costs prior to the pickup of your freight, however, you are responsible for accurately entering information about your deliveries (including for example whether the pickup/receiving site has a forklift and what the operating hours of the pickup/receiving site are) and extra costs due to incomplete information may be charged to you.

Errors and omissions on our website may arise from time to time. We reserve the right to correct these including any gross errors in pricing.

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