Freight made simple.

Save time and money with every booking

Freighthub provides businesses with a cost effective and easy freight solution.

We do this by optimising how we allocate freight, across a number of freight providers.

Cost Effective

Freighthub is a booking platform that optimises pricing by allowing users to book carrier back-loads.

Easy to use

Our user friendly platform means you can book freight with just the click of a few buttons.


By improving industry efficiency, we are able to reduce the number of trucks on the road.

"It's like UBER for freight!"

Dwayne Matthews - Innopack

Better rates for non-urgent freight

We offer a range of delivery times, providing you with even greater savings for non-urgent freight.

"You don't really need any training, the booking system is as simple as it could be."

Holly Rolleston - Power Cleaning Products


The tracking dashboard allows you to track your freight, so you know when it’s collected and when it will be delivered.

"The freight booking system is so simple, the warehouse guys do it themselves now."

Amanda Fairbairn - Supreme Cleaning Products

Excellent customer service

Dedicated team to oversee bookings. 
Always someone on the end of the phone to speak to if needed.

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