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Is Freighthub a New Zealand company?

Yes Freighthub is a Kiwi company.

How are you able to offer cheaper rates sustainably?

On average, 9 in 20 trucks in New Zealand are running empty. The cost of these empty trucks is incorporated into the price carriers charge customers. By booking spare capacity on the trucks that are running empty or half empty, on as many loads as possible, we’re able to consistently offer our customers cheaper freight rates.

When I book a rate, is delivery guaranteed?

Yes your delivery is guaranteed. If we can’t find spare capacity on a truck we’ll find a regular truck that can make the trip.

Can you carry Dangerous Goods?

Yes. You’ll just need to specify the category of the DG when you make the booking.

What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

Please call us on 09 280 3639 as soon as possible so that we can cancel your booking. In addition we have live chat so you can also communicate with us online if that is easier for you.

What are the fees?

There are no fees to join, or to use Freighthub, and all charges (including fuel adjustment fees) are included in the prices you are shown.

How fast are damage claims settled?

Damage claims are completed online within Freighthub and settled within 2 business days!

Does Freighthub deliver everywhere in New Zealand?

Yes, Freighthub delivers everywhere in New Zealand.

Can you integrate with our ERP system so that our orders can enter straight in to Freighthub so we don't have to key freight orders or make phone calls to book our freight?

Yes absolutely we can create an integration with your system to make your order to freight booking a cinch.

Can you integrate with Unleashed customers so that we can book freight from our ERP system?

Absolutely we can integrate with your business if you use Unleashed.

Can you integrate with SAP so that we can move orders straight to freight booking so that the process is lean and error free?

Absolutely we can integrate with SAP. Let us know how we can help.

Do the Freighthub prices include FAF?

Yes the freighthub price shown is the price you pay, excluding gst.

I have product to ship that does not fit on a standard pallet?

If you have product, over-sized, unusual structure, that does not fit on a standard pallet, the Freighthub pricing will not capture all true costs. In this instance Freighthub reserve the right to communicate with you the price difference to ensure the goods are shipped safely.

Do you have live chat to support your online ordering platform?

Yes we have live chat manned by our New Zealand Customer Service team.

Some of our customers don’t have a forklift. Is that a problem?

No problem. When you add in a location, you tell us whether it has a forklift. If there is no forklift available, then we will only book your freight on trucks that have a tail-lift.

Can I place a booking online every day and 24 hours a day?

Yes you can place a booking every day and at any time of day.

Do I need to take photos and keep the goods if I receive goods that are damaged?

Yes many carriers require both photos and the goods to be kept until the claim can be assessed fully.

Can I import my customer delivery locations so that freight booking only takes a few clicks to organise?

Yes many customers have their customer delivery locations imported into freighthub so that freight sending is easy.

When are statements sent out?

Statements are sent out on the 20th of every month.

What if my delivery address is rural, could I be expecting additional charges?

In the event you have placed a booking and we are informed that your delivery location is rural there may be additional charges. This would be communicated to you before actioning the order to ensure you are pleased with the price.

When do I receive my invoice?

You can select within settings to receive your invoice every booking. You can also select to NOT receive an invoice for every booking.

I’ve noticed that rates have decreased/increased slightly from when I checked them earlier in the day, why is this?

The earlier you book, the more time Freighthub has to find carriers with spare capacity which means we can offer better rates. We recommend booking as early as possible so you can make the most of even better pricing.

What are your rates?

We can send you estimates of rates that are common as an estimate but our rates fluctuate regularly based on demand and availability as well as the amount of time we have to deliver the freight. We offer you the most competitive rates available at the time of booking.

How do i manage dangerous goods documents?

Dangerous goods is managed online within Freighthub, documents can be added within your booking.

What is your invoicing process and payment terms?

You’ll receive an invoice from Freighthub after your freight has been delivered. Payment terms are standard business terms, ie 20th of the following month. A 2% late fee will be charged on all overdue balances 25 days after the due date.

Do you require businesses to provide a credit application in order to use Freighthub?

No, we don’t require a credit application, and we don’t expect you to sign a personal guarantee. We like to keep things simple for our customers (we do however check that you are a business listed on the website).

What do I need to do to get started?

It’s really easy. Just register for a login, head to the booking page, update the pickup and drop off location and the specifics of your freight, then view the rates. Select the one that suits you best based on when your freight needs to be delivered, then confirm your booking. Remember that the earlier ahead you book, the more savings you’ll make.