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About Freighthub

  • We help businesses send their freight to customers more efficiently.
  • We match the freight with spare capacity on trucks, which:
    • Reduces the cost of sending freight
    • Increases profitability for transport companies
    • Helps the environment by reducing the number of trucks running empty

How it works

  • Usually customers have a relationship with one or a few carriers. This means businesses are restricted by what the carriers they have relationships with are able to offer. Most freight providers don’t have the capabilities to optimise for spare truck capacity.
  • Freighthub has a relationship with multiple different carriers and we’re able to track their capacity at any point in time. This means that we can find the carriers that have spare capacity that can accommodate our customers freight requirement.
  • When a customer places a booking, we find a suitable carrier that has spare capacity. If we’re unable to book a backload carrier, we book standard freight. Our pricing is based on the probability of being able to find a carrier backload within the specified delivery time.
  • We’re also well aware of some of the other frustrations for businesses when it comes to managing their freight. So in addition to optimising pricing, we’re building technology to help solve other problems too, such as reliability, damage claims and freight tracking.

As some of our customers have said, signing on with Freighthub is really a no-brainer.

If you are interested in joining us, please register or you can contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

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